Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the Sixth Day before Election Day our County gave to Us…

On the Twelfth Day …Bayonets!
On the Eleventh Day ...The Star Spangled Banner!
On the Tenth Day …Old Glory, Our Flag!
On the Ninth Day …Sacred Rights!
On the Eighth Day …Patriots!
On the Seventh Day …The Declaration of Independence

On the Sixth Day before Election Day our County gave to Us…
The Armed Forces, Our Defense

We, my sisters and I, used to sit near our dad and listen intently at his World War II stories.  I remember the most touching story of all, when in France; my father saw a young boy open a booby-trapped bottle and then ran to his aid.  His friends and he fought to save this boy’s life, although they knew it would be in vain.  My dad always spoke softly when talking about this one moment as a soldier.  He was there to serve his country, but oh, how he wished he could save one small French boy.

There can be nothing greater than the heart of a soldier when he fights for the lives of others, and his country.  God Bless the members of our armed forces, and our veterans who have served.  Your legacy to promote and provide freedom for all of us is not forgotten.

Below are some great links, videos and messages from our armed forces.

Music of the Great Armed Forces of the United States of America

“This is the world’s number one Air Force…” - Music Video:3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier: The National Guard

For Honor, For Country: 2012 Marine Corps Birthday Message

US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team

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