Sunday, November 4, 2012

On the Second Day before Election Day our County gave to Us…

On the Twelfth Day …Bayonets!
On the Eleventh Day ...The Star Spangled Banner!
On the Tenth Day …Old Glory, Our Flag!
On the Ninth Day …Sacred Rights!
On the Eighth Day …Patriots!
On the Seventh Day …The Declaration of Independence!
On the Sixth Day …The Armed Forces, Our Defense!
On the Fifth Day …The Principles of Liberty!
On the Fourth Day …Our Founding Fathers!
On the Third Day …Our Constitution!

On the Second Day before Election Day our County gave to Us…
Trust in God, In God we Trust!

Our forefathers recognized the separate and distinct roles of the state the church and the family, and they gave us a limited system that minimized reliance on the state while maximizing reliance on the more organic spheres of the church and of the family. When man trusts in God, he looks beyond government for his needs. A self governing society results with strong families, churches, communities, and charitable institutions. The need for civil government is minimized and personal liberty is maximized. This was the thinking and worldview that gave us our national motto: “In God we trust.”

Singer/Songwriter Eric Horner sings his song "In God We Trust"

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